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Most know that many places in central NYS have been very slow to come back in the real estate world we knew 10 years ago & many properties are not getting the prices we got back then either. So who would not want to keep as much as they could on the sale of their property?

   I have been selling Real Estate in central NYS since 1998 & I cannot tell you how many times I have shown property that really needed a person familiar with the property to assist in doing the job they were hired to do!...... But the listing Realtor is no where to be found-- on many homes, land & most all farms, it is CRUCIAL to selling it!! 

      So we give YOU, the owner some very valuable choices:

   In this cyber world you need to have a powerful presence on the web.. the MLS- and all the other arms stretched out from it and your brokers optimized site (US)- getting your property in front of buyers eyes!!.... well you can have that  for a fraction of listing your property with a full service agency (who you may or may not get full service!)

 Let's say:

1) You want to earn 3% and do your own showing

    We will assist if necessary in doing your write-up, you will summit to us your photos and we will get you on the MLS and all the other big Real Estate sites and place you on ours also.

 We will provide you with all paperwork necessary in the state of NY.

 If a co-operating agency sells your property, they will have earned their commission, which will be paid at closing (when you get paid). All phone calls/emails will be forwarded to you for follow-up.

 You will pay a start fee for 3 mo ($249), 6 mo ($395) or 1 year ( $595) Billable online or by check

 We will be here to answer your questions if you become unsure of anything.

  We will provide you with a list of attorneys that handle closings and highly recommend choosing one when you have a buyer.

...And of course we also will do the complete job too if you want no direct involvement - we have a few options there too- just call to discuss you may be pleasantly surprised what we can do....we WILL be there to actively show all full listings, with all paperwork for potential buyers and be friendly & professional... also we own & operate a livestock  farm and know what both buyers & sellers need to know and are looking for when it comes to land & most farms .

    Call us we are happy to answer all your questions.


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